What Made Worse

My devout mission is to save at least one life before the end of my own! 

But hopefully hundreds or thousands will be helped along the way. This

will be Brittany’s legacy!

I want to hear your stories of your attempted recovery from alcohol dependency due to your loved ones trying to help you, but they only made things worse, so that it can help others learn from what happened to you.  1.) How did you cross over the Invisible Line into alcohol dependency? 2.) What motivated you to finally either seek help or to try and make the changes in your life in an attempt at recovery? 3.) How long have you been trying to be successful in recovery from alcohol dependency? 4.) What went wrong in your loved ones’ attempt at helping you? 5.) What could your loved one do that would help you become successful in your recovery? 6.) What advice can you give to someone that is struggling as you are? 7.) What advice can you give to loved ones who desperately want to help? Strictly for research purposes, what is your gender and approximate age?   (Optional) Please provide your name.  It can be either your real name, an alias name, or a username. Please submit your stories via e-mail to me at JennyHallett@BrittanysACAP.com Be sure to mark the Subject Line of your e-mail with “Loved Ones Made Worse” *Due to possible high volumes of submissions, I will try to post as many of them as I can, but this is at my own discretion.
Brittany’s Alcoholism Counseling and Prevention
Brittany’s Alcoholism Counseling & Prevention

Brittany Rose Hallett

9/27/88  -  11/5/14