My devout mission is to save at least one life before the end of my own! 

But hopefully hundreds or thousands will be helped along the way. This

will be Brittany’s legacy!

On September 27, 1988, a beautiful baby girl was born to first time parents Jenny and Don Hallett in Janesville, Wisconsin. It was such an incredibly happy day when we were finally able to hold and kiss our new precious Brittany Rose. Experiencing all of her firsts in life was so fulfilling to us. The memories of her short but loving lifetime will be cherished by everyone who knew her. I loved playing rummy with her every morning while waiting for the school bus to come pick her up. My heart melted at the way she said “pa-corn” when she wanted me to make popcorn, which we both dearly loved!  Watching her take ice-skating and dance lessons were moments of joy. As she went from kindergarten through high school, she always excelled at the top of her class.  Watching her go off to college with such great promise made us very proud. The nurturing way she always worked to orchestrate family gatherings was always appreciate greatly by all of us. Family was very important to her and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much she loved each and every one of us. And she knew we loved her just as much too. Every moment throughout her lifetime was priceless. In good times and in bad, our love for each other was always constant. Fall was her favorite season and Halloween was her favorite holiday. She was able to experience Halloween one last time just 5 days before she died. She loved watching the scariest of movies and I watched many of them with her with only one eye open. I’ll never forget her very last Halloween as she loved handing out candy to trick-or-treaters knocking on our door.  She told them how cute they looked and then would come back into the room telling me how adorable the last group was. The outpouring of family and friends that came to her funeral made me so proud to know how many people truly loved our sweet Brittany Rose.  Her loving heart is now among the Angels where she can do what she does best….watching over all of her loved ones back here on earth!  She will guide me on my journey to help others who are suffering from the struggles that she once did herself.  She will guide me on my quest to prevent as many people as possible from ever crossing over the Invisible Line into alcohol dependency in the first place so they will never know the lifelong struggle to survive. I will use her death to give my voice the biggest possible impact in saving at least one life by the end of my own…and hopefully thousands more in her honor. This will be Brittany’s legacy. I love you forever baby girl!
Brittany’s Alcoholism Counseling and Prevention
Brittany’s Alcoholism Counseling & Prevention

Brittany Rose Hallett

9/27/88  -  11/5/14